Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Dave Grohl Produces New Ghost EP - Streaming Now

Dave Grohl has produced an EP of four cover songs for Swedish "death Satan metal band" Ghost B.C., available for live streaming now.

I use the quotation marks because Ghost has not sounded like death metal, well, ever. But due to the band's devilish lyrics and KISS-like mysterious image on Devil's Advocate steroids, the band has been lumped in with other truly awful screamo bands.

But these guys have always been more Blue Oyster Cult than Graf Orlock.

Great melodies, strong musical chops, surprising arrangements, and yeah, tongue in cheek Sabbath-esque image. In an interiew it was mentioned "It's sort of like Eddie for Iron Maiden, except we have our Eddie singing." Yep, these guys put the FUN in Funeral.

While I would have a Ghost novice start with the band's first album, and then go to the second, this EP is a nice addition to the discography, and the association with Grohl will no doubt draw some attention to the group, which they need to go more mainstream.

But really, how mainstream can you go when your catchiest song's chorus is "This chapel of ritual smells of dead human sacrifices from the altar bed."

The EP, which also adds a fifth song Secular Haze (live), will be out next week.

Stream it here: