Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hell's Sabbath Elves

OK, so here is a (I am sure copyrighted) Black Sabbath - excuse me - Heaven and Hell reunion photo from bassist Geezer Butler's site. I am certain that they are supposed to look scary and menacing, standing in front of huge stained glass windows and all, dressed in black coats and leather. But don't they kind of look like little elves? Having seen Dio live, I KNOW he is 5 feet and some change. These guys look like they all failed the Lord of the Rings screen test, got huge chips on their shoulders and decided to form a band instead! And what the hell is in Tony Iommi's mouth? Is he smoking a little cigar? Blowing a devil bubble? No clue.

Will I go see them if they come to Portland or Seattle? HELL YEAH! Long live the demon dwarves!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Police at The Grammys

Wow, did anyone think this would really happen? Can anyone believe Sting is 55, Stewart Copeland is 54 and that Andy Summers is 64? For perspective, remember how pathetic Peter Criss limped out his drum parts in the KISS reunion ten years ago when he was in his mid to late 50s? We always knew Sting was some weird immortal super stud but man Stewart can still beat the crud out of those skins at age 54! Just a testament to staying in shape while you are young enough to do so! (See Asia reunion post below for what happens if you don't).

Word is they have a confirmed Seattle date but I sure hope they make it to Portland so I don't have to drive seven hours in one day like I have done for Ozzfest, Areosmith/KISS, Yes, etc.

Lots of reunions this year. Van Halen? please. Genesis with Phil Collins? ugh. This Police reunion will be the one to catch (but I will probably see the others as well).

Oh yeah, the one weird thing about this Grammy video is the background vocals in the chorus. Who is singing those? Andy creeps up to the mic and Stewart kind of looks like he's signing, but it sounds like five Stings (and we know those other two can't sing very well anyway). We are not fooled, guys! Backing tracks at the Grammys? What is the world coming to!!!?