Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Rolling Stones Tune - Doom and Gloom

The Stones put out a new song today - one of the two new ones set to appear on the band's umpteenth greatest hits package, called Grrr!, out November 12.

The song, called Doom and Gloom is below. My friends like it. They think it's a strong Mick performance. I'd agree with that. He sounds good. Maybe re-doing cutting floor songs from Exile and Some Girls got him in touch with his 70s self.

Or maybe since he and Keith are patched up after Keith's tell-all book, Mick's feeling good.

The production is nicely stripped down but I don't know - it's not totally kicking my ass. What do you think?

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Hell Freezes Over: Rush Nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Hell has truly frozen over. After a 13 year wait from the first year the band was eligible, Rush has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame boys' club.

And while it doesn't matter to the band if they are in it or not, I do care. This band deserves to be in there, if the Hall is to be legit at all.

A petition that the LA Times says was circulated by fans makes the case this way:

--Rush has 22 consecutive gold records, and is fourth behind the Beatles, Stones, and Kiss in all-time gold records for a band. Fourteen of those albums have gone platinum.
--Rush has inspired such bands as Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, The Tragically Hip, Smashing Pumpkins, Primus, Queensryche, and many more.
--Rush's lineup has remained unchanged since their first major tour in 1974.
--Rush has consistently put out records that reflect their own artistic growth and change, without compromising the band's integrity for the sake of sales.

I'd add that they are still vibrant and as active as ever, currently on yet another tour to full arenas and amphitheaters. They are one of the only bands from the 70s who are still around, still adding fans to their base, where for example a band like Yes is shedding fans like fleas.

So do they have a chance to actually get into the Hall once the 600 board members and previous inductees vote? Rumor from industry insiders as reported on say that the real hurdle was getting on the ballot and that its assumed they will be voted in now.

I will believe it when I see it but it's still exciting to think about these guys finally being able to show up and rock the shit out of the Hall, if not for themselves, for all of us fans.

Oh and for the first time, this year there is a public poll put on by the Hall where the winner gets additional votes. The other notable and deserving nominees include Deep Purple (for sure highly awesome, influential and deserving but on the State Fair circuit and not very vibrant for at least a decade), Heart (why are they not in already?), Albert King (ditto), the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Randy Newman and others listed in full here.

To vote, go to this link, and click 'Rush' - :). You actually can vote for five bands. They show the results and no shock, Rush is in first place at the moment.

You really need a reason? Watch these: