Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Hell's Sabbath Elves

OK, so here is a (I am sure copyrighted) Black Sabbath - excuse me - Heaven and Hell reunion photo from bassist Geezer Butler's site. I am certain that they are supposed to look scary and menacing, standing in front of huge stained glass windows and all, dressed in black coats and leather. But don't they kind of look like little elves? Having seen Dio live, I KNOW he is 5 feet and some change. These guys look like they all failed the Lord of the Rings screen test, got huge chips on their shoulders and decided to form a band instead! And what the hell is in Tony Iommi's mouth? Is he smoking a little cigar? Blowing a devil bubble? No clue.

Will I go see them if they come to Portland or Seattle? HELL YEAH! Long live the demon dwarves!

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VoxMoose said...

Nice post. I might have enjoyed a photo like this more when I was 17. Now, I just wonder how they cope with black lights and dandruff in those outfits...

Nevertheless, I also hope I can see them this round. Dio's Sabbath still gives me the (good) chills. And it has nothing to do with awkwardly black outfits, quasi-evil poses, and metal grimaces -- its because the music and vocals are simply brilliant.

An odd bit of trivia: Dio's first band was called what? Elf was perhaps his first "big time" rock band (ironic, given the title of this Isorski Musing), but his first ever band was -- ready for this -- The Vegas Kings... [awkward pause -- twitch]