Monday, July 30, 2007

Michael Schenker Asses Out

Fresh off the 'Ass Out in Public with Lindsay and Britney Express,' here is an obviously wasted Michael Schenker "performing" last weekend at the Rock & Blues Custom Show in England.

Unlike the drunk James Brown post from a couple of days ago, this is just sad. At least Brown could still belt it out even while conducting a sloshed TV interview. Schenker shouldn't even have been carrying a guitar, much less playing it, as one show attendee reported.

I guess the appearance ended with Michael and his brother Rudolf coming to blows, needing to be separated by security. Nice - video to follow I'm sure.

Schenker was a guitar prodigy, co-founding The Scorpions at the ripe young age of 16 and joining UFO for their glory years before re-joining the Scorps for their best albums and starting his own band the Michael Schenker Group in the 80s.

However, his career is laden with stories of alcohol abuse, tantrums and walking offstage in mid song. Notice how the older one gets, the less forgivable this crap gets? Come on, dude, get it together.


Dr. John said...

Damn! That was pretty much a grand suckfest if you ask me. Even Nigel Tufnel's guitar solo was better than that...

VoxMoose said...

Sad, sad, sad. YouTube is certainly a powerful tool, but it is disturbing the poor guy can't hit rock bottom in the privacy of his own backwater tour. Now the worst bits are advertised in 20 second sound bites in front of the whole planet.