Thursday, October 30, 2008

Floydian Slips to Rock Portland on Halloween

Time yet again for shameless self-promotion. Tomorrow night after the kiddies rake in their candy stashes, my Pink Floyd tribute band, The Floydian Slips, will take the stage at the Roseland in Portland to bust out, among other things, the full Animals album. If you are in or close to Portland, please come say hi.

Take a peek at our rehearsal from Monday night, from which I assembled a short "promo reel"


Don Capone said...

Wow, you guys sound really good! Is that you front and center? I'll have to catch the New York leg of the tour.

Isorski said...

Yeah that's me. We don't tour, sadly! But I will post some more vids from the show next week probably. Take care, Don.