Sunday, June 21, 2009

New Porcupine Tree Album Details Released

According to, Porcupine Tree's upcoming 10th studio album, a double CD, is called The Incident and will be released September 21.

According to the story, the CD centerpiece is the 55 minute title track, which takes up one of the two CDs. The other CD contains four stand alone tracks written by the band last December.

From the story, the title track is “a slightly surreal song cycle about beginnings and endings and the sense that ‘after this, things will never be the same again’.”

The seeds of the idea that led to The Incident came to Wilson as he became caught up in a motorway traffic jam whilst driving past a road accident.

“There was a sign saying ‘POLICE – INCIDENT’ and everyone was slowing down to rubber neck to see what had happened,” he recalls.

“Afterwards, it struck me that ‘incident’ is a very detached word for something so destructive and traumatic for the people involved. And then I had the sensation that the spirit of someone that had died in the car accident entered into my car and was sitting next to me.”

“The irony of such a cold expression for such seismic events appealed to me, and I began to pick out other ‘incidents’ reported in the media and news,” continues Wilson.

“I wrote about the evacuation of teenage girls from a religious cult in Texas, a family terrorising its neighbours, a body found floating in a river by some people on a fishing trip, and more. Each song is written in the first person and tries to humanize the detached media reportage.”

The band put up a video from the studio that doesn't reveal too much but is still kind of cool:

And here is a video from a couple of albums ago of a song I find really cool. The video ain't bad either:

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Dr. John said...

Dude, I am so psyched about this news. This summer has been good so far for music for me: Chickenfoot, Spinal Tap, Dream Theater, and now this. I also hear that Rush was working on new stuff...