Friday, July 09, 2010

Alex Lifeson Talks About His Crazy New Amps, Some Tour Spoilers

SPOILER Warning: If you are trying to steer clear of anything to do with the new Rush tour (I couldn't take it anymore and looked at the set list yesterday - it's very different but very, very cool in my opinion. Lots of stuff I have never seen them play live), don't read this post.


Alex Lifeson must have gotten tired of Geddy having dryers, chicken cookers etc instead of amps on his side of the stage because as you'll see in the below video, Alex now has some pretty whiz-bang visually killer new Hughes & Kettner amps that run along with the theme of the tour (time machines, steam engines etc).

There are some sneak peeks at the set list and of course some of the stage look is given away in this video. But if you don't care, and you dig weird assed amps and yabbing on about gear, watch the video!


Ken Berglund said...

Going to the show in Houston on 9/25. I live in Austin, so I'll have to drive nearly 3 hours just to see them. For the most part, I really like the set list (the second half is near perfect.) Could have done without the "Hold Your Fire" songs, though. And "The Pass" is a much better choice from "Presto" over the title track.

drewzepmeister said...

Saw them last Saturday at Milwaukee's Summerfest. An excellent mind blowing show! For the most part, I was pleased with the set list. The concert wielded a few surprises like a great light show and a cool stage set up! For more spoilers,(If you want to see them), read my blog post on the concert.