Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Beatles on iTunes Store - Snooooore

I have bought and re-bought the Beatles. Got all the original releases on vinyl when I was a kid. Then bought some of them again when I realized I could get Apple issues at the used record store. Kind of cool to have Beatles albums first released in the 60s.

Then of course CDs came around and I had to get them all on disc. And then a couple of years ago they finally figured out how to make the CDs sound good, so I chose to re-buy them all over again.

Now thanks to the powers that be burying the hatchet yesterday, I have the option of getting them digitally via iTunes and of course I say no thanks. I already have all the superior-sounding CDs imported into iTunes for my iPod and have zero need for AAC quality versions.

I imagine I am not alone. But I guess for the younger set who may just want to buy a song here or there, it's nice to have the Beatles finally on iTunes. But I feel like that generation doesn't pay for its music anyway and probably got the tunes free from a file sharing service or their grandpa.

But dang SOMEONE is buying it up - According to this Mashable article:

Eleven of the top 25 albums on iTunes are Beatles records, including the full Beatles Box Set, which is currently at number 11 on the charts. In addition, more than 60 of the top 200 songs are Beatles tunes.

Sure, John, Paul, Ringo and George aren’t enough to knock Rihanna, Rascal Flatts and the Glee cast off the top of the charts, but these albums are 40-plus years old. We’re also smack dab in the middle of the biggest music release window of the year.

So what the hell do I know? I'm just glad people may be discovering this music for the first time. I wish I could do that all over again!

Speaking of Beatles discovery, I bet you've never seen this little clip:


Sean Coleman said...

I started collecting their records in the late 70s (still have all my vinyl)and was heavily into scouring second hand record shops and flea markets to find original pressings of their LPs from different markets. I used to wish that I had been born a bit earlier so as to be there when it was all happening in the 60s.

Like yourself, the itunes releases aren't a big deal to me. Good for creating the next generation of fans, though.

Don Capone said...

Same here, I pretty much have everything so no need to re-purchase. But did you watch the entire Washington DC concert from '64 (their first show in the US)? iTunes has it posted and you can watch it for free. Pretty amazing show, the energy is incredible.

Isorski said...

Don, did not see that but will for sure check it out - nice!