Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Stones' Gimmie Shelter Deconstructed

My friend Nedmusic turned me onto this incredible breakdown of the Stones' classic 1969 song Gimmie Shelter. Someone has been able to isolate the vocals, rhythm guitar, second guitar/piano, bass and drums into five separate tracks. It's breathtaking to hear all the parts broken out like this. Spend some time checking this out if you dig the Stones - unreal.

Also credit must be given to the original Dangerous Minds post, where all of this came from.

Vocals (Mick Jagger and Merry Clayton):

Keith Richards' main guitar. Note the interesting punch ins and outs of Keith's licks to compensate for the fact that this is probably a four-track recording!

Charlie Watts' drum part plus percussion:

Bill Wyman bass:

Keith's second guitar and Nicky Hopkins' piano (at the moment it looks like this one has been taken down by YouTube):


Sean Coleman said...

This is a great find. It makes me want to put them into Logic and sync/mix the tracks.

One of my favorite Stones tracks. Thanks for posting!

Isorski said...

Well shit, of course now these have all been taken down by the powers that be. I wish I would have grabbed them somehow. Sean, thanks for the comment - glad you were able to check it out.