Monday, July 11, 2011

Concert Review - Rush - Portland Oregon - Time Machine Tour

I was not going to review this Rush show since it was the exact same setlist as the show I reviewed last August. As you can see, I took loads of photos and video that time but this time decided to not even bring in the camera, so I could just enjoy the gig without worrying about capturing it. I knew it would be the same show but I wanted to catch it anyway because this tour has been so great.

The August show was the 15th on the tour, and this was the third to last, so I was interested in seeing how things might have developed over the last year on the road. I did the same thing with The Police reunion, catching the second or third show on that tour and one near the very end. In that case the band was very, very rough at that first gig and was obviously still working out arrangements and even the keys of the songs. At the second, they were super tight.

Well, in Rush’s case they were tight both shows. I am not sure which one was better to be honest. They were visually stoked to play The Camera Eye on the front end of the tour and I think Alex Lifeson’s solo was better at that first gig. But I have to say, Geddy was on fire in Portland, jumping around and hitting every note – and I mean EVERY note. How he keeps his voice in shape on a long tour like this is beyond me.

While Neil Peart looked tired, he played great and my friend Dave who has seen Rush a million times thought the center section of Freewill might have been the best he’d ever seen.

So yes, same setlist, same awesome band. For me the highlights were Marathon, Subdivisions, all of Moving Pictures, which was still AWESOME to see live all the way through, and the new stuff – Caravan and BU2B. They were really fired up to play these new songs.

I still think the setlist was weird. Time Stand Still and Presto were not great choices for second and third place but whatever. Overall this tour was a real treat and I am looking forward to the DVD that will likely come from the Cleveland appearance.

In the meantime, here is video I shot at the show last August:


VoxMoose said...

I missed them on the first pass of Time Machine last year, but caught them this time in Concord. Sadly, we were running a 1/2 hour late because of traffic. Still, the weaker first set saved the day; plus, the epically long show didn't make me feel like I had really missed anything at all.

Rock Brigade Blogger said...

I am from Canada and have never seen this classic Canadian band perform but I have always wanted to. I am not missing my next opportunity! Sounds great!

The Rock Brigade Blogger

drewzepmeister said...

Saw them at Milwaukee's Summerfest last year. One the best shows I have ever seem.