Thursday, October 27, 2011

Paul Stanley Has Vocal Surgery

Love 'em or hate 'em, KISS boasts one of the best front men to ever grace the stage, vocally. Paul Stanley's pipes have improved exponentially over the decades and I have always been blown away at his vocal power. Forget that he sings inane lyrics and his oft-laughable stage banter has warranted whole CD collections on the bootleg market.

Put it this way - I can see KISS replacing Gene Simmons some day with some clone they pull from a tribute band or more likely, a well-publicized and promoted reality show a-la Rock Star: Superonova. Hell, they already replaced Ace and Peter! But who could ever replace Paul Stanley? I don't know. You don't agree? Go try to sing Love Gun and get back to me.

Anyway, I had noticed a rasp creeping into his vocals, especially on some tracks on the recent Sonic Boom CD. I thought, well, shit can't they fix that in the studio or have him re-do the vocal?

Guess not. According to reports, Paul had vocal surgery on Tuesday. Per CNN:

KISS lead singer Paul Stanley underwent successful surgery for "recurring vocal cord issues" Tuesday that the musician said Wednesday "come with 40 years of preaching rock 'n' roll." 

His doctors say Stanley, who's been touring and recording with KISS for nearly 40 years, will make a "swift and complete" recovery, according to a statement from his publicist. 

"I hold myself to a higher standard than others do," Stanley said. "With that in mind, I wanted to remedy a few minor issues that come with 40 years of preaching rock 'n' roll."
Here's to a speedy recovery Starchild!


sue hanes said...

Isorski - Now that we are getting sappy about it I would have written much more about you.

About the Pink Floyd Tribute band, and how I 'stalked' you out of curiostiy fining that your name is Paul - I forget your last name.

I even remember pictures of you.

Then I forgot about it for a while.

I tried to fit into your world - with Dr. John and Voxmoose - then gave up on that.

It is politics that keep me interested in the blogging world in which I now reside.

A Liberal virutally among Conservatives.


I'll visit you more but this morning in about an hour and a half I am leaving a town that has been home for 24 years. I am 66 and really didn't want to start over at this point in the game.

My new home will be Bloomingon Indian - home of Indiana University - where my husband is insane about basketball and the campus in general.

We were students there in college -
as were both our daughters.

I am a pianist (Bach mostly) of sorts so the wonderful music school will afford my an opportunity to continue that - and I intend to keep up painting.

Gotta go now.

I'm glad you checked my blog.

You have been somewhat of a constant in my life without knowing it - and today that is something that is fast becoming extinct - politically speaking that is.

Take care, Sue

Isorski said...

Oh yes now I recall! Yeah I still am in touch with Voxmoose and Dr John though I think they abandoned their blogs. I went to high school with both of them.

Moving is tough, especially after that long a stay in one place. But I bet you'll discover all sorts of cool stuff on your new town. Stay in touch and good luck with the set-up. Breathe!

sue hanes said...

Isorski - Your are the second person to mention breathing to me.

Something that at the end of the day I find I have not done much of - especially deep ones. :)


Seano said...

Now I'm really upset. He might have to cut back on the legendary stage banter.

Will he use a backing track to hit the notes in "Lick It Up"?

Isorski said...

Now now Seano...KISS has never used a backing track live. They have been content to just suck!

Chris said...

I think Paul Stanley has one of the ultimate voices in rock, bar very few.