Friday, September 21, 2012

Listen to New Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) Album

I was really surprised to find out a couple of weeks ago that Iron Maiden founder and bassist Steve Harris was putting out his first-ever solo album.

I thought every Iron Maiden album was a Steve Harris solo album. But it turns out that this release came from a project Steve started contributing to back in the 90s. From a Loudwire article:

Two decades ago, Steve Harris told Raw Magazine that he was beginning a band called British Lion, although the name ‘British Lion’ has since been relegated to an album title, Harris explained the connection in a recent interview with Classic Rock Magazine.

"That’s how it originated,” says Harris. “Over the years I’ve kept in touch with Richie and Graham, and then Richie was working with another guitarist called David Hawkins, who’s a really talented guy, and so we started writing songs together. So on the album there are six songs written with Richie and David, there’s one with just me and Richie, and the others are me, Richie, Graham and a couple of other guys that were around at the time.”

Today, fans can listen to the whole album on the Web, at Metal Hammer. I just started listening, and so far I like it. For sure different from Maiden but good straight-ahead rock and roll. But with Steve Harris' unmistakable bass playing!

For some quick clips, listen to this:

Check it out and let me know what you think?

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