Thursday, October 11, 2012

New Rolling Stones Tune - Doom and Gloom

The Stones put out a new song today - one of the two new ones set to appear on the band's umpteenth greatest hits package, called Grrr!, out November 12.

The song, called Doom and Gloom is below. My friends like it. They think it's a strong Mick performance. I'd agree with that. He sounds good. Maybe re-doing cutting floor songs from Exile and Some Girls got him in touch with his 70s self.

Or maybe since he and Keith are patched up after Keith's tell-all book, Mick's feeling good.

The production is nicely stripped down but I don't know - it's not totally kicking my ass. What do you think?


Sean Coleman said...

I heard it on my local classic rock station yesterday morning while heading to work. Turned up the volume and was pleasantly surprised. It has a bit of Undercover period vibe. I haven't paid much attention to any new Stones since Voodoo Lounge, though it's nice to hear a solid effort from them.

Charlie Ricci said...

It's totally kicking my ass! Good job by the guys!

harmolodic said...

It's a solid groove, but as a song it's not doing much for me. In my opinion the Stones haven't done a great "message song" since "Highwire" back in '91. I don't think it's "greatest hits" material at all. But not terrible. They've done far, far worse.

drewzepmeister said...

Not bad at all... I like it.