Thursday, April 18, 2013

Rush to Be Inducted into Rock Hall of Fame Tonight - I'll Be There

When I heard about Rush finally being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame after 14 years of snobbery, I was elated. It seemed like the media and institutions that had written off Rush specifically and progressive music in general were finally realizing that there are a LOT of fans of this music.

And yeah, in the end who cares, but the vindication is nice. I have to admit that.

Hearing the ceremony would be in Los Angeles (at least on the same coast as where I live), I thought I’d look into tickets. But no thanks. After just a few minutes, the ones left were all $350 to $750. However due to a fortunate moment of procrastination, I was surfing the site a few weeks later and noted that there were a limted number of those spendy seats now open for $100 a pop.

I decided to buy one and figure out the rest later. I travel to the Bay Area for work frequently and actually had a plane ticket from a cancelled trip that I needed to use. Adding a leg to LA actually brought the overall ticket price DOWN (whatever, but I’ll take it!) so here we are.

I am sitting in the fabulous downtown LA Double Tree, counting out time until the ceremony this evening.

I will certainly post something tonight or tomorrow. Will TRY to take a video or photo but I am sure they will be cracking down on that and I do just want to enjoy this moment as opposed to trying to preserve it. Hell it’ll all be on HBO next month anyway.

Also excited to see Heart and Randy Newman, and additional performers that turn my crank include John Mayer, Christina Aquilera, Cheech and Chong and yeah even Don Henley.

Looking at how I labeled each of my blog posts for easy future reference, I have posted about Rush 97 times since I started this blog in 2006. Um, sorry about that.

But here are a few of my favorites:

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...And in an act of totally SHAMELESS promotion, here is my band attempting What You're Doing from the first Rush album:

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David said...

Never apologise for talking about Rush. :-)