Thursday, September 27, 2007

Well, Stamp My Balls!

Despite my vote to have the ball sent into space, it looks like Barry Bonds' record breaking home run ball will be stamped and sent to Cooperstown.

For those of you wondering how the "what do we do with Barry Bonds' home run ball" poll went, the people have spoken and it's going to be stamped with an asterisk and sent to the Hall of Fame, where they will presumably figure out how to display it in a way that will keep the stamp hidden!

The story announcing the news said:

Hall of Fame president Dale Petroskey said accepting the ball did not mean the Hall in Cooperstown, N.Y., endorses the viewpoint that Barry Bonds used drugs. (Riiiight)

"This ball wouldn't be coming to Cooperstown if Marc hadn't bought it from the fan who caught it and then let the fans have their say," Petroskey told The Associated Press. "We're delighted to have the ball. It's a historic piece of baseball history."

Hall of Fame officials and Ecko are discussing how to affix the asterisk on the ball. It's not yet known when the ball will go on display.

The people have spoken. Suck it, Bonds!

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VoxMoose said...

"We're delighted to have the ball. It's a historic piece of baseball history."

Based on this trend, it comforts me to know that that in 100 years when the first cybernetic man (guised as a mere steroid-pumped super-athlete) launches a baseball into orbit from home plate that will also be a piece of baseball history.

"Historic... history." Hmm, Is there any other kind of history?