Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Zepplin Reunion Gig Confirmed

Don't say I didn't tell ya, because I told ya.

The three living members of Led Zeppelin are teaming with the late John Bonham's son Jason on drums to play a one off gig on Nov. 26 in London, at a tribute to the late founder of Atlantic Records, Ahmet Ertegun, who signed Led Zeppelin in 1968.

From the Reuters article, concert organizer Harvey Goldsmith said:

"They thought about it very carefully, and even decided to actually rehearse for a few days to see if they could play together again," he told Reuters Television in an interview.

"I only asked them to do 30 minutes and they came back after a week's rehearsals and said they wanted to do a full show.

"So they obviously started to bond back together again. As far as I'm concerned, this is a one-off show, if something materializes after that, I'll be thrilled," Goldmsith added.

It's all very exciting but I just wonder if Plant can still sing any Zep songs? They have a lot to choose from, and I am sure they could put together a great set of songs that Plant can still sing. Still, I'd imagine there are many classics that are off limits to his voice, unless they tune down like the Police did.

So with The Police, Van Halen and now Zeppelin getting back together why oh why, Peter Gabriel, will you not just eat it and get back with Genesis to do some Lamb shows? I'd actually go see that one!


harmolodic said...

I'm not all that psyched over the Zeppelin reunion, precisely because I doubt he can really sing them well anymore. He sounded like he didn't even want to be there on the Page & Plant "Walking Into Clarksdale" album, and the show I saw on the accompanying tour was only so-so. The Police were awesome though, they should keep going. And if Gabriel does finally relent and sign on for some Lamb shows, I'm there.

BTW, I have put a link to your blog over at Good stuff here! If you like what you see at the frontparlour, you can link back.

Easy Allen said...

One-off? I doubt it. If they're spending all this time rehearsing I'd be surprised if they didn't milk it for all its worth, and it's worth a lot.

And while I share a bit of harmlodic's skepticism about the Plant's throat, I'd bet they can pull off a pretty amazing show still, vox and all (via a bit of song futzing a la your comments on Getty on the current Rush tour); even if chris cornell or chris robinson could sing them better...

Long Live the Mighty Zep!

Isorski said...

If they laid heavy on the Physical Graffiti to In Thru The Out Door material, they'd have plenty that Plant could sing. And Zeppelin tuning down a whole step would not be a bad idea. It worked for Sabbath and Soundgarden! I mean, how heavy would that sound!?

Ned said...

Anyone heard those live bootlegs where Plant used an octave divider on his voice?

Isorski said...

Yeah, if he uses that octave divider - oooh there is a problem there and they need to choose different songs. That was a dumb idea.