Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Dave Grohl Good - Alaska Airlines Bad

As I rot in the San Jose Airport because Alaska Airlines just cancelled my flight home to Portland (I came down here today for a meeting if you can believe it), I am catching up on my mail. See Alaska Airlines Sucks for some chuckles I am especially appreciating just now.

My buddy Bruce sent me a cool article today with drummer Dave Grohl's tips for living a happy life. They are rock star appropriate but also show how cool of a dude he is. See the whole list here, but below are a couple of my fav's:

3. Moderation in all things.

I'm nearly 40. The last thing I want to do is wake up with a raging hangover and have to listen to Elmo songs with my daughter. I might be able to drink longer now; I just don't drink as often. If I get a night out with some friends and J├Ągermeister, it's going to be a long night, and somebody's going home with cracked ribs.

4. An audience is an audience.

To me, music was an escape from working in a furniture warehouse. It still feels like that. And at the end of the day, does it matter how many people are standing in front of you when you play a song? You're still going to play music. I'd be just as happy as I am now if I was at the sh**hole down the street playing Creedence covers for six people.

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