Friday, January 11, 2008

Floydian Slips Videos from Seattle

Had two great shows (same night) at The Triple Door in Seattle last Saturday. That place is the bomb. It's basically a supper club that holds 300 people and serves awesome food and beverage.

The room was acoustically very good and the sound was consequently pretty awesome. The first show was sold out and the second had about 175, which was great for our first trip up there.

It was challenging to have to prove ourselves to an audience who has never seen us before. We are so spoiled with the Eugene audiences who hang on every note. These Seattle folks were not as easy to turn. But in the end, we got a great response and the club wants us back. We're thinking summer time.

In the meanwhile, here are a couple of vids:


Have A Cigar


VoxMoose said...

'tis a thing of beauty, man. Nice show!

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