Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Heaven and Hell Album Announced

Billboard reports that the new Heaven and Hell album will be out on April 28 and will be called The Devil You Know. This is the first full album of new material from the Dio-led version of Sabbath since 1992's Dehumanizer, although the group did record three heavy new tracks that were included on The Dio Years, which was released in 2007.

The band played those three new songs on its tour the same year. I reviewed that show here and it was one of the best shows I saw that year. So needless to say, I am very excited to check out this disc.

Classic Rock Magazine got an exclusive sneak listen to some of the new tracks on the last day of the band laying down basic tracks at Rockfield Studios in Wales. Classic Rock wrote:

The songs we heard were a moody, thuddingly malevolent number called Rock ’N’ Roll Jesus, the pacier and more anthemic Neverwhere, and a slice of sloth-like majesty that’s likely to be titled Breaking Into Heaven. Other tracks expected to appear include Bible Black, Double Pain and Atom + Evil.

“Each of us submitted a CD of our ideas, and we narrowed it down from there,” explains Iommi. “In some ways it was like picking up where we’d left off with Dehumanizer, which was also done at Rockfield.”

“I never thought this band would get back together, but here we are,” marvels Appice. “Everyone’s more mature, and when we play together it’s just a monster.”

I felt the same way about the live show. Let's hope the band keeps on this roll with the new album.


Seano said...

I fulfilled a lifelong dream to See RJD in 2007 when I saw Heaven and Hell come to San Jose. Man! He hasn't lost A STEP. Cannot wait for this one. Shame on Ozzy for dropping the ball.

Isorski said...

I was at that same show. It's the one I reviewed!

Dr. John said...

Excellent news. An album that I will definitely look into.