Thursday, February 26, 2009

Rare Kate Bush Live Video

I recently re-bought Kate Bush Hounds of Love, which I listened to into oblivion in college. I liked the Sgt Pepper-esque format of five separate songs on side one and a "mini rock opera" on side two. I also thought the rock opera story was cool.

Still not sure if I got it right, but I think it has to do with someone dying and trying to get back in touch with his loved ones, and basically the journey to that big white light at the end of tunnel.

Today I have reverted to thinking Kate is an acquired taste, as some of the other albums of hers I listened to in college don't hold up as well for me. I think her (over) use of the Fairlight synthesizer has something to do with it. I'm a bigger fan of "real" drum sounds. But hey, whatever works.

What some people may not know is that David Gilmour discovered Kate Bush in the late 70s and funded her first professional demo, which led to the start of her career. Wikipedia has a good history of her career if you are so inclined.

The thing I thought was interesting was that she had so much success with only one tour ever. She hit the road for a few weeks in 1979 and never again. So any live one-off with Kate is a bit of a rarity.

So dig the video below, with David Gilmour sporting his late 80s semi-mullet to boot. The bass player is Tony Franklin, who was in The Firm. It's not the best live performance I have ever seen but Kate is confident and again, it's cool to see her belt one out live. Enjoy.


musicobsessive said...

Wow! 80s hair ahoy!

I love Kate Bush, she's on my list of all time favs. I prefer 'The Dreaming' myself but HOL comes a close second.

Nice video as well.

Tai said...

How funny- I was looking though my CD's last week and found this one in my collection - and had to give it a listen. Still damn good.