Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Chickenfoot’s Chad Smith Sustains ‘Serious Injury’

According to a statement from the band, Chickenfoot drummer Chad Smith suffered a serious injury on stage during Monday night’s concert in Paris.

The statement reads, “We are sorry to inform our Spanish fans that Chickenfoot cannot perform tomorrow night in Madrid due to a serious injury to drummer Chad Smith. ”

“Chad was performing on stage last night in Paris and during the show he hurt his right arm badly. He has torn his small bicep and cannot play the show Wednesday, July 1st. The band is very sorry they cannot play for their Spanish fans this week and plan to return as soon as possible.”

Eeeks. I'd think they'd have to take a few shows off to allow Smith to heal. In the meantime, I am still enjoying the new album.

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Dr. John said...

Ouch! Kinda keeps you from lifting the stick for that forearm action you need to play heavy stuff. He'll be out for at least several weeks if not longer, I would guess. Wonder if they will get a sub?