Thursday, July 09, 2009

Fellow Floydian Slip Scores Big Hit

I have to share this. My buddy Ehren Ebbage, from the Floydian Slips, has a song on the season finale of ABC's Eli Stone this Sunday.

The song is called Land On Me. It's a great tune, off of his new album Ten Cent Souvenir.

Ehren was also in Isor Wallobee, a band I led for a few years in the mid 90s after I quit The Strangers, after 5 years on the road and about 1,000 shows across the country with that band. 

The story of how I met Ebbage is kind of funny. I didn't really have direction after leaving The Strangers, and was living in Eugene Oregon. So a buddy and I started having pick up jams at local clubs.

One night I see this guy watching the band through the window. At the break, the waitress hands me a note. Ebbage was 19 and couldn't get into the bar but he wanted to jam. For some reason I went out and talked to him and we agreed to get together and play.

From those jams, we put Isor Wallobee together and had a two or three year run and a CD I am still really proud of. Until he turned 21, he'd have to either stay onstage or leave the venue at set breaks! Classic.

Anyway, he's gone on to get into producing, recording, writing and touring etc. Congrats on this great score, dude!

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