Monday, September 21, 2009

"Way Out of Here" From Forthcoming Porcupine Tree Live DVD

Steve from Ars Divina, the guy who turned me onto Porcupine Tree in the first place (I played him Mars Volta, so I guess we're kind of even), posted this to his Facebook page.

The video description says that this live version of "Way Out of Here" from Fear of A Blank Planet was recorded live in Tilburg Holland last October and is from a forthcoming live DVD scheduled to be released early 2010. For my blog followers who are wondering what the hype is about Porcupine Tree, carve out eight minutes and watch the whole thing. They did this one at the Portland show last week, and it was pretty much just like this, only louder.

Porcupine Tree "Way Out Of Here" Live in Tilburg

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Dr. John said...

That was amazing! They are playing in NYC on Thursday night, but there is no way I can go with work. Damn! Someday...