Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Steven Tyler Joins Joe Perry Onstage in New York - Aerosmith Breakup Rumors Are Shattered?

Anyone trolling the rock and roll news sites on the Web the last couple of weeks has likely seen all the drama around Steven Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith. Tyler has been having a rough time the last few months, what with breaking his shoulder in a fall off a stage mid-concert, and various rumors that he has fallen off the wagon.

This week's news was that Joe Perry got off the plane from a recent concert in Dubai to hear that Tyler announced he was quitting the band, via his Web site no less. What he actually said was that he was going to focus on the "Tyler brand," which probably means a solo album or something. But Perry took it as a resignation, and even went so far as to say they would be auditioning for replacement singers, adding that Tyler won't even return his phone calls.

Well, according to a Tweet from @PiercingMetal who is at Perry's Fillmore NY show right now, Tyler just joined Perry onstage for Walk This Way. So much for all the bullshit tabloid-like coverage, stoked by Perry himself. Maybe it was a ploy to get people to his gig!

Anyway, if the band needs a break, let 'em have it. It is often good to take a break to recharge the ole batteries. But after all this time, it’s hard to believe those two wouldn’t stay buddies somehow.


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The Onion had a funny take on this:


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