Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shameless Self-Promotion -- Isor Wallobee CD Available Online

First up, my apologies for not posting in a while. Between having a newborn on 12/11 and the holidays, I have been a bit busy! But I was very stoked to see that the sole CD from my 90s band Isor Wallobee has posted to iTunes and so I thought I'd crack out a quick post while people still had credit on their iTunes gift cards, ha ha.

I played lead guitar in a band called The Strangers from 1990 to 1995 and when I quit that band, I had a backlog of material. I was basically the Ace Frehley/George Harrison of the band. Meaning, there were two other primary songwriters and I had to fight to get my stuff in the mix. I'd do vocal harmonies, play leads, and maybe get to do two or three of my own songs in our live set.

And just like with Ace and George, that was OK for a while but I eventually got fed up and wanted more of my own spotlight. So, Isor Wallobee was my post-Strangers vehicle to get that backlog out into the public. It was the first band I really ever fronted and it was a blast.

We released one CD before calling it quits in 1998. I loved the CD and thought it was a great representation of the band and where I was at at the time musically. So after all these years I finally got the CD up on iTunes and Amazon and am very excited to share it with the world.

I made the best song on the CD (in my opinion), Just to Get to You, a free download at Amazon so you can at least check that out w/o spending any money. But if you like that song, you'll probably like the whole CD.

Here are the links, as well as a fan page I threw up on Facebook. Whatever you do tonight for New Years, be safe and have fun!

Facebook Fan Page


VoxMoose said...

Nice! Congratulations, man! And happy new year.

How does one go about getting stuff on iTunes and Amazon? How long did it take once you started the process?

Isorski said...

Hey Tom - colorfield has a digital distribution contract through a company called IRIS Distribution. I worked with them to get my stuff up on iTunes/Amazon etc as part of the colorfield contract. You can get in touch with them via their Web site and see if they are accepting new artists...