Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Vote for Rush Songs for 2011 Tour

From this week:

If you've kept in tune with the online Rush fan community over the last few tours, you are probably familiar with the Rush Petition website which was just revamped this week in preparation for the upcoming 2011 leg of Rush's Time Machine Tour. 

The site was the brainchild of BOS Music co-founder, Rush fan and RIAB reader Skip Daly and his partner-in-crime Al Horta. The two created the site as a means for Rush fans to voice their opinion on which Rush songs they wanted to hear live. It was first launched prior to the Vapor Trails tour back in 2001 and has been re-launched prior to every tour since then. 

The band has admitted in interviews that they are familiar with the site and have taken it into consideration when building out their setlists. From the revamped website:

My votes were for Jacob's Ladder, The Weapon, Territories, Afterimage and Fly By Night.

What are yours?


Sean Coleman said...

Excellent picks-especially The Weapon and Afterimage. I'd be voting for A Passage to Bangkok and Digital Man.

David said...

Lots of favourites in the list; made it hard to choose just five. Top of my wish list would have been Closer To The Heart but it was in the set list for the American leg, so I hope they keep it in when they come to the UK. My five were:

1) In The Mood;
2) I Think I'm Going Bald;
3) Losing It;
4) Middletown Dreams;
5) The Stars Look Down.

I'd love to hear Losing It but I believe they've said they wont do it without Ben Mink... so I don't hold out much hope for that one. I was very tempted by Territories, so if I can't get losing it, I'd settle for that one instead.

Handsome Boy said...

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