Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Gerry Rafferty Dies - and Birds Fall From The Skies

Breaking news is that 70s singer songwriter Gerry Rafferty has passed away at age 63. Rafferty battled alcoholism for many years and died this morning after battling a long illness, according to Billboard.com.

In his heyday Rafferty had a few hits that I love to this day: Baker Street, Days Gone Down, and of course, Get It Right Next Time. Prior to going solo, his band Stealers Wheel had a hit with Stuck In The Middle.

The below video for Get It Right Next Time was one of the first videos I remember seeing as a kid, on a show called (I think) Friday Night Videos. I always thought Rafferty looked totally cool and still think the song is fantastic.

(THE MAN has a nasty habit of pulling Gerry Rafferty videos down so enjoy this while you can.)

I wrote about Rafferty a couple of years ago when rumor had it he had vanished. It was a weird mystery but ultimately fell into the Paul Is Dead camp.

But speaking of mysteries, why in the ever loving hell are dead birds raining over the southern United States? They must have heard Kim Kardashian's new single.

RIP Gerry Rafferty:

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