Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sabbath Reunion with Ozzy - Terrible Idea

No one I know was really shocked to hear the news last Friday that Ozzy is getting back together with the rest of Sabbath for a 2012 tour and yes even a new album -- the first album since 1978's Never Say Die. It was the worst kept secret of the month, and something about the Spinal Tap-ish announcement on 11-11-11 seemed appropriate.

The response has been generally positive from what I have seen and people seem genuinely supportive. Me? I think this idea sucks. Ozzy jumped the shark 15 - 20 years ago and I guarantee the new album will be a piece of crap and the tour will descend into Sabbath playing the same ten songs they always play with Ozzy.

You want proof? See this Ozzfest show from 1999. You think Ozzy is going sound any better with these guys 13 years later? Dream on.

Contrast that with the STELLAR Dio reunion and Iommi and crew should have just gone out on a high note.
  Call me a curmudgeonly old fart but I dunno...

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David said...

Actually... I think Ozzy sounds OK-ish if you close your eyes and just listen... but he looks (and moves) like one of the walking dead.

Not that it would put me off going to see them in concert - at least there's something of the original sound there. I am not at all convinced, however, by what is effectively a Thin Lizzy tribute band that Scott Gorham is touring with...