Thursday, April 19, 2007

Ace Frehley to Visit KISS Coffeehouse

Now, I don't know what is more lame. That KISS actually has a Starbucks style coffeehouse in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina of all places, or that poor ostracized Ace Frehley is going to make an appearance there to mark its first anniversary. (OK, maybe it's also shocking that the coffeehouse made it through its first year of business w/o going bankrupt - but that's a side observation).

Ace, who has been working on his 'latest album' about as long as Guns and Roses has been working on Chinese Democracy, was replaced in KISS (again) a few years ago and has made some bizarre appearances since. This includes the Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp and a recent stint on VH1 Classic Rock and Roll Celebrity Poker Tournament.

Ace has always bitched about the 'commercialization of KISS,' so why the heck would he embrace this coffeehouse thing? MONEY, people. Ace sold his rights to all things KISS the first time he left in the early 80s, and I guess the guy's gotta make a buck somehow. So what the heck.

Oh yeah, and the coffeehouse slogan? "The coffee is hotter than hell." Please...


Ned said...

I can't believe you didn't post anything about Mark St. John's passing...sheesh!

Isorski said...

Yeah, dude, that was kind of a blip on the KISS map - not him dying, of course. The one album he did with them. I don't even own it. It was for sure NOT cool to like KISS back when John was in the band!