Friday, April 13, 2007

Neil Peart Essay on New Rush Album

Rush's Neil Peart has always been a great writer. Aside from writing all of Rush's lyrics, he usually writes the text to their concert programmes and CD booklets, and has penned a few books as well.

One of my readers, Dr. John, uncovered this eight page essay Neil wrote about the writing and recording of Rush's new album, Snakes and Arrows, due out May 1. It's a good read if you have a few minutes and dig Rush (like I do).

Thanks, Dr. John!

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VoxMoose said...

Very cool. Thanks for the link! Looking forward to the read.

Regarding his books, I must say that I found Ghost Rider quite depressing and hard to read. In fact, I couldn't finish it (I may need to revisit it). It is basically Peart's on-the-road journal as he went on a cross-country motorcycle healing journey after his daughter and wife died. Most of it is well written, but its pretty unfiltered and raw emotionally. It was like reading someone's diary where they core dump their deepest insecurities. As I was getting through it I kept thinking "I'm not sure I WANT to know some of this stuff."