Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Keith Richards - "Naw, I Was Just Kidding"

So this morning, the news is that Keith has retracted his statement that he ground up his dead father's cremated ashes and snorted them with cocaine in 2002 (see yesterday's post).

Too late!

Whether he did it or not, Keith just shot to the top of the list of rock and roll crazy crap, right past Ozzy biting dove's heads off, Ozzy snorting lines of ants off of the floor of Motley Crue's bus, Ozzy...well, anything to do with Ozzy. And also Nikki Sixx dying with a needle in his arm, coming back to life and shooting up again, Keith Moon driving cars into swimming pools, Joe Walsh cutting a hole between hotel rooms in LA with a chain saw. Keith blows by all of them (pun intended) with this, whether he really did it or not.

Right now, VH1 producers are updating their "100 Greatest Metal Moments" or whatever. God bless ya Keith! And yer dad.


Allen said...

Hey Paul,

Too true - whether you like it or not this instantly becomes the crowned jewel in the canon of true-or-not rock myths -- not too far ahead though of Rod Stewart's infamous stomach pumping...

VoxMoose said...

I'm not sure what is more disturbing, snorting the ashes of one's father mixed with blow then:
1) not telling anyone because most would agree this is not a "shared experience";
2) casually admitting to it in public;
3) casually joking about it in public, because everyone knows all those old "Neptune Society mortician and a pusher walk into a bar" jokes;
4) casually admitting to it in public, then pretending like it was a "joke" after people freak out;

All of them show a remarkable lack of tact and judgement. I would like to chalk it up to the effects of falling out of a tree or something, but it isn't clear Richards has ever really been much different...