Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Have Seen the Future and its Name is...Microsoft?

I flipping hate Microsoft. For a number of reasons, but when anything goes wrong I usually blame them. Even if I stub my foot on the carpet. It's their fault. Yeah. The War in Iraq? Microsoft.

However -- and I am sure this technology has been stolen from a number of other companies and innovators (Microsoft does not innovate, they appropriate) -- you can't deny the cool factor shown in this Popular Mechanics video of the company's new Microsoft Surface table computer.

Once the price comes down, they work out the bugs and the thing actually supports all of the peripheral gadgets shown in the vid (year 2016 or so, in version 11), these things will be everywhere. Mark my words.

It's like the iPhone on crack - no, wait, that's me...


Dr. John said...

Way cool! Reminds me of the interface that Tom Cruise had with the computer in "Minority Report" (except I think that was a Mac).

VoxMoose said...

Good to see Microsoft is finally catching up to Arby's :)