Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rush Set List Spoiler

SPOILER ALERT - CAUTION - Don't read this if you want to be surprised by Rush's set list this Summer.

This could be total crap and not at all accurate, but Rush fan site has revealed a partial setlist from a source who has heard the band rehearsing in Toronto. The following songs were heard in their entirety:

Entre Nous
Witch Hunt
A Passage To Bangkok
Natural Science
Digital Man
Between The Wheels
Tom Sawyer
Spirit Of Radio

They also played about 8 songs from Snakes & Arrows.

If this is true I will be one happy camper on July 21. If not, chalk it up as another one of these rumors that always happens before Rush tours - "They are going to do all of Hemsipheres! Geddy's son said so!" Yeah, right...


VoxMoose said...

Alas, still no Camera Eye. Rush fans have been petitioning for this one for years now..Entre Nous looks promising! Have they EVER played that live?

Isorski said...

Dude, I don’t know if they have ever played that song live. I doubt it.

I tell you what song I want to hear – Jacob’s Ladder.

Still, you can’t beat them bringing back Entre Nous, Circumstances and Digital Man. And while eight or nine songs is a LOT to do off the new album, three of them are instrumentals that kick ass. And I just heard Far Cry again today and I love that song more and more on every listen.