Monday, December 10, 2007

Led Zeppelin Reunion Song by Song

So, we are hours away from the Zep reunion and the folks at NME are going to blog song-by-song postings right from the show floor. God bless hi tech!

When my buddy Al gets back from the show next week I will try and get a review from him.

12:48 update: NME just posted rehearsal photos here.
1:35 update - the whole world is trying to access the flipping NME blog.
1:40 update - first song - Good Times Bad Times - great choice IMO.
3:40 - final set list:

--Good Times, Bad Times
--Ramble On
--Black Dog
--In My Time Of Dying
--For Your Life
--Trampled Under Foot
--Nobody’s Fault But Mine
--No Quarter
--Since I’ve Been Loving You
--Dazed and Confused
--Stairway To Heaven
--The Song Remains the Same
--Misty Mountain Hop

--Whole Lotta Love
--Rock n’ Roll

One of the first reviews is here and it's pretty glowing. I want to hunt out some skepticism or at least objectivity. Was it really this killer? Maybe there will be some YouTube stuff up. If I see any, I will post it.

Disclaimer - the photo is from Getty Images and if they get pissed at me, I will take it down.


VoxMoose said...

Holy crap, they opened with Hats Off to Roy Harper! Oh, wait. Sorry. I'm being fed misinformation.

Dr. John said...

I heard it was too close to "Hats of to Charles Obscure", and with that copyright symbol emblazoned at the bottom, they just did not want the legal hastles...

harmolodic said...

"For Your Life," nice! I love that tune. Anything from Presence gets my thumbs up. I'm curious to hear how it all really sounded, and whether the ears of those in attendance were being tricked by fond memories. Here's a minute of "Black Dog" -- it's, eh, OK... something sounds off (does Page sound flat??), but the rest of it could be totally amazing for all we know.

ed hutchison said...

the last tour of PAGE/PLANT was totally incredible but flew in under the radar since it was not called led zeppelin. i am not at all surprised it was killer.