Tuesday, December 11, 2007

More Zep Vids

There are lots of videos of the Zeppelin reunion on YouTube (just Google "Zeppelin O2"), so I won't go posting them all week. However, here are two good ones I found last night. Note they played Good Times Bad Times in D instead of E - an easier key for Plant to sing in. Stairway is tuned down a whole step as well. Page's solo is appropriately sloppy but nowhere near the train wreck of LiveAid.

As he showed us on the stellar Black Crowes tour, Page can get his chops up when he plays these songs night after night. I have no doubt he'd be blazing on an actual Zep tour as opposed to a one off gig.

Pretty glowing review here by Rolling Stone. There is mention that members of Yes and ELP also performed. Weird. I thought Pete Townshend was involved but have not seen anything about him...

Good Times Bad Times


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VoxMoose said...

These mobile phone cameras uploading to YouTube is bittersweet. It is neat that we around the world can be connected so quickly to this event, but (no surprise) the audio and video fidelity are crap. Hell, in this format, thanks to the beauty of neurology, I'm probably filling in half the sound with my own brain because I've heard the songs so many times.

Hopefully, there will be a release with a real mix at some point.