Saturday, December 01, 2007

Van Halen Near Miss

Van Halen play in Portland tonight but I decided I don't care enough to be bothered, as much as I'd like to be able to write something up.

In fact, I was in the Bay Area for work this week and noticed they were playing in Sacramento Tuesday night - a mere two hour drive. I even had someone holding a ticket for me from Craig's List but I bagged driving up to SF to get it. That is when I realized I just don't care enough about Diamond Dave and the guys to make the effort.

I will instead have a little vigil at home tonight for Kevin DuBrow and Evel Knievel.


budd said...

Word on the street in Portland is that the show was great and Eddie played very well. The downer was the continuos distortion on the bass that was making the mix a little muddy at times.

The 2 people I talked with have me regretting my decision to not go and I am now looking at future dates to see how I can get a show in.

Guitarman5150 said...

If anyone has read my blog you will see that I am less that thrilled that they kicked Michael to the curb. That's nothing new. To ad insult to injury they replaced the guy with a 16 year old I felt was a slap in the face.

The sad thing is, it has been brought to my attention that Eddie has been playing horrible lately! I have seen some clips that have been god awful.

I have been a Van Halen fan for over 20 years, and this has shocked and saddend me greatly. The last clip I saw left me speechless and feeling sorry for him. I have NEVER felt sorry for him.

I decided not to go see them since before the tour started maybe that was a good thing. I wish I hadn't seen him in 2004 his solo spot was bad then. I had forgotten how bad untill a freind of mine sent me a DVD of the show. He played the songs pretty much ok but the rest of it was painful for me to watch. Eddie was my hero growing up. It's sad to watch him go down hill.