Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Alex Lifeson - One Generous Dude

Stumbled on this gem from Seems that at the recent NAMM show, amp manufacturer Hughes & Kettner had one of their signature Alex Lifeson TriAmps on display.

According to the post, One young fan named Zack Tabori asked if he could play it and proceeded to skillfully jam out some Rush licks. He so thoroughly impressed the Hughes & Kettner representatives there that they took down his contact info and planned to have Alex send him an autographed picture and some tickets to a show. Alex decided to one-up that offer and just give him one of his amps from the tour instead!

The whole story is captured in this video at the Hughes & Kettner site. What a cool dude!

In other Alex Lifeson news, in an interview with Billboard Magazine, Lifeson doles out this nugget regarding this summer's tour:

"We thought we should maybe revisit some older songs we're not playing currently or haven't been in the last little while. So we changed out a few songs in the set. We're gonna keep it loose and maybe kind of bounce back and forth." Lifeson says the group frequently gets fan requests for specific material. "We see 'Camera Eye' come up quite often, 'Jacob's Ladder' and some of the longer songs like that from our mid-period," he says.


VoxMoose said...

That's a seriously neat story. Kids out there: Practice practice practice! You never know whose radar you will show up on.

The kid's guitar playing is pretty good too, but he is much younger than I expected (I was expecting some twentysomething dude). He's probably around 12 and already owns a piece of hardware worth just a little less than my house. Sadly, I bet the followup story involves something about hearing loss in a gifted child who was casually bestowed a 1000 Watt Alex Lifeson signature amp.

Also: Lifeson's comment to the kid on the phone is priceless.

Dr. John said...

Very very cool story. If I were this kid I would be so jacked up I would never put the guitar down and go without sleep for days.

I can see a little bit of young Isorki in this kid...

Good on Alex for this one, especially after his bad press a few years back when he and his son got in some kind of bar fight or something. Wish more of this got out about musicians, not the crap about Amy Winehouse's drug rehab.

Further on up the road said...

What a real gent