Saturday, April 05, 2008

MySpace to Compete with iTunes

According to the Wall Street Journal, MySpace is going to try and weave an iTunes competitor digital music service into its ubiquitous social networking presence.

Think about it - you go your favorite artist's MySpace page and from there you can buy their music digitally instead of having to move over to iTunes or

It's a nice idea. Read the whole article here.

It's all going to come down to the user experience. I have been buying more and more digital music at Amazon, simply because I got a nice gift certificate and wanted to try it out.

I gotta say, it's not as nice of an experience.

Now that I have it up and running, it's great. The music offered by's digital music store is generally less expensive and the downloads go automatically into my iTunes desktop, which is key.

But it's not as elegant as iTunes. It's harder to search for and locate what I am looking for but I eventually get there. Will that make me pay more money by shopping at iTunes once my gift certificate runs out? I doubt it.

But for MySpace to pull it off, they are going to have to make it easy and dare I say fun to compete with iTunes.


VoxMoose said...

More competition and ideas in the market is a good thing but I am skeptical MySpace can pull it off. Sure, it seems like a good idea: they have a large user-base and people already go there to visit artists. But MySpace is just too disorganized. If their music retail approach is anything like their web browsing experience (disorganized, gaudy, appealing to the lowest common denominator) "it'll never work." Will there be some demographic who will utilize the MySpace service because they are already there and rabid about MySpace? Sure. Will new people wade into that quagmire to find music they want for a few pennies cheaper when it is all beautifully laid out in iTunes or a quick Amazon click away? Doubtful.

Dr. John said...

Must say that I have not invaded MySpace that much. Must be a generational thing. I have not tried Amazon's digital downloads yet but I will in the near future as I accumulate PepsiStuff points. How about Rhapsody? Anyone tried that? Can you download from there and get it to go on your iPod? Since I have Comcast as my ISP I think I get a discount or something, but I have been too chicken to try it yet with iTunes being so easy and intuitive.