Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools Joke? Sadly, No

I have had CNN as my Internet browser start page for a year or so, but just switched it to Google News, because I have noticed over the last few months a tendency for CNN.com to run National Enquirer-esque stories such as the following:

--Denied exit, child uses lunch box as toilet
--Woman, 66, nabs chicken store robber
--'Crying' Virgin Mary statue draws faithful
--Disfigured woman who wanted euthanasia dies
--Elderly man shown driving car into crowd
--Bitten while on toilet, woman drowns rat
--Boy, 4, wastes away to 10 lbs.; mom held
--Kids' root beer kegger brings cops

This is probably driven by reader preference, which is just as lame. For me, I am opting out.

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Sue said...

isorski - although I read drudgereport daily, they mix similar stories in with the news.