Thursday, June 12, 2008

CNN Covers Portland's Love of Vinyl

I was just cranking my LP version of Iron Maiden Powerslave the other night, noticing how much warmer and richer it sounds on vinyl than on CD. It was a total blast from the past and reignited my passion for my old records (I still have about 500 but have not bought one in more than 20 years).

And then CNN runs yet another story about vinyl's resurgence, this time in my own town! I had posted about this in January and the story is just getting hotter. From the CNN story:

The best-seller so far at Fred Meyer is The Beatles album "Abbey Road." But musicians from the White Stripes and the Foo Fighters to Metallica and Pink Floyd are selling well, the [Portland] company says.

"It's not just a nostalgia thing," said Melinda Merrill, spokeswoman for Fred Meyer. "The response from customers has just been that they like it, they feel like it has a better sound."

Dig the full story here. Who of you still spins your vinyl? Leave a comment!


Further on up the road said...

Rarely play vinyl these days... but all my Led Zep (apart from complilations), Floyd, Rush up to at least Grace Under Pressure.

Oh - early Yes... Fragile... I should dig that out and wack it on the deck

Chris said...

I've been buying vinyl almost exclusively lately; not so much "big" artists, but all of the indie bands that I prefer to support. I love it.

harmolodic said...

I just came home from Amoeba yesterday with a copy of the 2006 LP reissue of George Harrison's 'Living in the Material World.' Sounds great, bass really pops! I never stopped buying vinyl LPs, and probably never will. That new triple LP reissue of Dennis Wilson's 'Pacific Ocean Blue' is next on my list, along with the new Portishead and some others...