Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Yes Cancels 40th Anniversary Tour

OK, are all the prog rock bands cursed? Or just the ones that have anything to do with Yes and Asia?

Jon Anderson of Yes has been diagnosed with "acute respiratory failure." Dr. John please tell me how serious that is. It sounds bad.

It's obviously bad enough that Anderson's doctor said he needs to rest for six months, so the band has pulled the plug on the tour I was going to see at the Edgefield on August 17.

This makes the fourth cancellation of a Yes/Asia related gig in the Northwest in the last three years. One of the most recent was when Asia pulled out of the Aladdin when singer John Wetton had to have emergency bypass surgery.

My best to Jon as he gets better! Health comes first.

Full story is here.

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Dr. John said...

Isorski - from what I understand Jon had a severe asthma attack which resulted in repiratory failure. There are many causes of respiratory failure, but the bottom line is you cannot breath well enough to 1) get oxygen into your body, and 2) get carbon dioxide, the by-product of many metabolic processes, out of your body. Usually it is the latter problem that gets people into trouble first with asthma. The build up of carbon dioxide results in increasing amounts of acid in your body and then everything goes to heck and you die.
Why he is being told to take it easy for 6 months, I am not sure, but perhaps all the singing and being around all the smoke and dust on stage may have something to do with it. Also, if he was in the hospital that long, it can take a lot out of you and require a long recovery time (he's gotta be close to 60 years old now).