Monday, June 23, 2008

R.I.P George Carlin

I am probably not breaking this news to anyone who has an Internet connection, radio in their car or TV tuned to morning news, but wow, what a shocker here.

I remember listening to my brother's George Carlin album FM & AM (along with Cheech and Chong Big Bambu and Los Cochinos), and laughing my ass off even though I was too young to understand the drug-related stuff.

I later bought A Place for My Stuff on my own and found that one even more hilarious.

I saw Carlin a couple of times live, by which time he had landed securely on his formula of rotating between innocent, funny pieces and biting political ravings. He pretty much offended everyone, and we all laughed.

Kind of like with computers and phones that don't have a round, rotating dial piece, it's easy to think that Carlin and his brand of humor have always been with us, but this was very cutting edge stuff in the 70s. Along with Richard Pryor (and I guess Cheech and Chong), Carlin pushed the envelope further than anyone at the time.

Other articles will do the man far more justice than I, so how about remembering him with this clip, part of his long legacy:


Sue said...

He was a great one. The Hippy dippy weatherman.

VoxMoose said...

Well Sh** Pi*s Fu** C**t C****ucker Motherf****r Ti**s, what did he have to go and die for?! Fare thee well, George.

Sue said...

well said, voxmoose

Chris said...

Oddly enough, this was the first place I heard of it. What a bummer.

Sue said...

I just watched The Departed for the frist time and found the seven words you can't say on tv spoken many times over.