Monday, December 15, 2008

Ace Frehley Launches Web Site - Awk!

If you can believe it, there has never been an official Ace Frehley Web site. Fan sites have done their best to pay tribute to ole Ace, but he has not had his own vehicle for communication with his fan base - until today.

Buzz was high in KISS-land that the site was coming and it was being designed by Ace himself - the same graphic arts whiz that designed the KISS logo and the very cool solo album morphing faces animation that ran on the back screen prior to the encore on the reunion tour.

But oh my, Ace must have been looking at circa 1995 sites for inspiration. His site breaks about every design rule imaginable. Too many flashing, power sucking animated doo-dahs, unclear navigation design, and man is it slooooooow.

I expected some Flash-based awesome space trip rocket ride but what I got is a page right out of Web Pages That Suck.

Check it out for yourself here. Shock Me!


Chris said...

That is definitely brutal. When I interviewed him earlier this year, he said he had someone working on his website; let's hope he isn't the man responsible!

VoxMoose said...

Whoa. Ace's design isn't so much 1995 bad, rather MySpace bad (which was inspired by 1995 badness). Also, it is sort of ironic that Web Sites That Suck is itself a very sucky design (which they actually admit under their "does your web site suck" link).