Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Holidays from Isorski!

Hey everyone.

I have been slightly derelict on the blog postings the last couple of weeks. Anyone in the States following the news probably knows that many areas have been socked in by unusually snowy, cold weather. Portland was no exception, as we broke a 50 year old record for snow and consecutive cold days (in the 20s) over the last two weeks.

You would think that being trapped indoors would lead to lots of time for blogging but when you are also trapped with 3 very active boys aged 2, 9 and 11 during the holidays, you can do the math and see that it equals NO free time for blogging. Ha ha ha.

My Pink Floyd tribute band The Floydian Slips plays on New Years Eve in Eugene and we had our first practice snowed out, so it's a set of marathon sessions starting tomorrow. We are doing Echoes for the first time, and I am very excited about that.

In fact, the set list consists of mainly old school Floyd - Set The Controls, Echoes, One of These Days, etc - and not as much from The Wall. That is a first for us and I am also pretty fired up for that as well.

So that will keep me busy through the New Year. But fear not - Santa was very good to me and I have a number of DVDs to review here. The first two I have started to check out are Rush Snakes and Arrows live and The Who Live in Kilburn 1977, which is unreal. Stay tuned for full reviews shortly!

And of course, happy holidays to all!


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