Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Queen to Split With Paul Rodgers?

The rumor mill is starting to heat up that Queen and Paul Rodgers are parting ways after the new Queen album only sold 12,000 copies in the States. The rumor has the band scrapping all of its 2009 dates.

This is only a rumor at this point, reported oddly enough on various KISS related sites.

Only last week Gene Simmons reported that KISS and Queen might tour on the same bill next year. That would have been bombastic to say the least. As for the split rumor, Simmons is reported to have said, "Oh, I've heard that, but we don't know until it's real. I would be happy to step up on that stage. I'd (also) love to step up on a stage with the Stones."

I always thought the Paul Rodgers/Queen thing was weird but it for sure didn't suck. It just didn't seem like the best of ideas. Hey, maybe Brian May is trolling YouTube for Queen tribute band singers as we speak! Ugh.


Don Capone said...

I was just looking at their CD in Best Buy yesterday. I didn't buy it. I nominate Rob Halford as the next Queen singer.

Anonymous said...

J.D Fortune from RockStar/INXS is my vote!