Monday, January 25, 2010

Neil Young and Will Ferrell Bring Conan to A Musical End

Last Friday, as noted earlier, was Conan O'Brien's send off final episode in the wake of NBC being a bunch of total dumbshits. Neil Young did a moving rendition of Long May You Run, probably devoted as much to long-time Neil collaborator Larry Johnson who passed away suddenly.

Johnson was behind many of Neil's visual projects including the Rust Never Sleeps film, which is enough right there to make him a God in my eyes. More on Johnson here.

On a lighter side, Will Ferrell dressed up as Ronnie Van Zant led a cast of rockers including Billy Gibbons, Beck and Ben Harper through a rousing almost 10-minute Freebird to take the show out. If you were under a rock and missed both, you can find them here. Neil is at about 27 minutes and Will Ferrell is about 10 minutes from the end:

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