Friday, January 29, 2010

Rush Tour in 2010? Help Decide What They Play

Rumors are heating up that Rush will do some recording and a tour this year. These snips of conjecture are best gathered by so I won't repost it all here.

However, there is a poll going around that asks Rush fans what five songs you would like Rush to bring back from the crypt. The guys who run the poll have kept it to songs that have not been performed at all (even as part of a medley) for at least the last 20 years, with a couple of exceptions explained on the ballot.

Put in your two cents here. What did I choose? Camera Eye, Jacob's Ladder, The Weapon, Chemistry and Territories.

Will it make any difference? The RushIsABand site has links to interviews where Rush management says that the band is aware of the petition and has looked at it when talking about set lists for past tours. So who knows, we may have a say. Come on guys! The Camera Eye!


drewzepmeister said...

I picked Lakeside Park, The Camera Eye, Hemispheres, Manhattan Project and Presto.

Isorski said...

I always wonder why they dropped Manhattan Project after spending all the time they did on it back in the day. But I read somewhere that the songs from Power Windows and Hold Your Fire are the hardest ones to pull off b/c they had so many overdubs on them. Lakeside Park would indeed be great.

Sean Coleman said...

Digital Man, Natural Science and Cinderella Man would be excellent. I haven't seen them since 2003, but they could play just about anything and it would be fine by me. I used to pass by Geddy walking his dog on occasion when I lived in Toronto. I always did the "Canadian" thing and never once tried to stop and talk to him. I'm sure he that has been accosted by enough strangers to last him a lifetime :)

VoxMoose said...

I Think I'm Going Bald and "Didacts and Narpets" (aw, hell, just the whole Fountain of Lamneth) have been off the play list for far too long.

No, seriously, Camera Eye would be my top choice. I'd personally like to see them rework the Power Windows and Hold You Fire material into a classic power trio format rather than obsess about the logistics of reproducing the exact sound of the album (and thus not do the songs at all).

That's a great Geddy story, Sean.

Isorski said...

Sean they pulled Digital Man out of the archives last tour (and played it second or third in the set!). It was excellent and they really took the end jam out every night. Natural Science was in the set as well, and they have played that off and on over the years - a real treat.

Cinderella Man would be good. I read that last tour they tried to rehearse Farewell to Kings but it never sounded right so they dropped it.

Voxmoose, joking aside, it would be cool if they even ripped into the Necromancer riff for a few bars somewhere!

Seano said...

Man you find some great stuff! Bastille Day..Twilight Zone...Lessons...Something For Nothing and Camera Eye get my vote...I admit to not having seen Rush live since the Power Windows tour......I'm such a hoser, ey?