Friday, January 01, 2010

Stan Rogers' Kick-Ass Maritime Tunage

A buddy sent me this video and I have no idea if it was a joke or not - he usually sends incredibly NSFW stuff, but he is also way into sailing so I figure this is a serious email.

Anyway, why have I never heard of this guy? Sounds like he's a very influential Canadian folk singer with about nine albums to his name and a fairly successful career leading up to a very untimely death in 1983.

Well, he at least had a lock on the Canadian maritime folk song market, which has GOT to be huge, right? Reminds me a bit of the Knights of the Round Table song in Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

But note the mostly empty booze bottle on the table and you get even more insight into what makes these guys tick.

Whether this is your cup of meat or not, you gotta admit they are pretty damn into it. Enjoy:


Sean Coleman said...

I saw Stan back in 1981. The guy was a poet and would have been a major star had he lived. The guys around the table with him are members of an Irish group called Ryan's Fancy.

Canadian province name-check alert!

I grew up in Nova Scotia. Stan was from Ontario, though he had family in Canso, NS. If you want to treat yourself to some great music, look him up online. I can't begin to tell you how excellent his stuff was. This tune, while OK, is not representative of his best material.It comes from his first LP (Fogarty's Cove) which has far better songs on it than this.

sue said...

Isorski - Did you see Neil Young on Hope for Haiti and Conan's last show? He is great.