Friday, March 05, 2010

Iron Maiden - New Album and U.S. Tour

News from Classic Rock Magazine is that Iron Maiden has finished its new album, titled The Final Frontier - Eddie in space? Does William Shatner rap on the album? Time will tell.

But check this out, Tweeps -- the band will embark on a two month U.S. tour with Dream Theater. That would be a pretty mind bending lineup. And holy moly they are coming to my neck of the woods - White River Amphitheater in Auburn Washington on June 22. Chris - see you there?

Full tour itinerary and the usual hype and info can be found here.


Chris said...

I told Sid if I can get better seats this time, we're there. I've never experienced Maiden up close before, and would love to.

Dr. John said...

Sounds like a hell of a show. DT has covered a lot of Maiden tunes in their time. In fact I think there is a bootleg of them out there somewhere in cyberworld.

Sean Coleman said...

I have never seen Dream Theatre play live.
Must fix that!

Iron Maiden? Saw them twice, nearly 20 years apart. First time was on the Powerslave tour in 85 and the second was in 2003.

Steve Harris didn't appear to have aged a day in all those years.